Treat For The Feet – L’Occitane Foot Cream Review

L'Occitane Foot Cream

I’m on my feet a lot and being in trainers at the gym regularly can take its toll so I decided to try the L’Occitane foot cream as I’ve heard the 15% shea butter in the product is good at nourishing dry skin.

The cream includes arnica to sooth and lavender to refresh along with the moisturising Shea butter. The lavender fragrance is quite special as most, if not all foot creams I’ve used before smell of peppermint so it is nice to find a brand that bucks the trend.

L'Occitane Foot Cream Review

L’Occitane Foot Cream

The cream is a true cream and it comes out of the tube nice and thick but is not sticky once applied to the feet. I’ve been using this product for a month now, and for the 1st few weeks I used it every night to help nourish skin on my feet that had dried out. The product really helped moisturise and comfort my skin so now I try and use it most nights but find it moisturising enough to only need to use it a few times a week. I can see why it was voted Best Foot Cream by InStyle in 2011 and 2012

L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream 150ml £18.50

  • Have you tried this product before?
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4 responses to “Treat For The Feet – L’Occitane Foot Cream Review”

  1. Sarah (@sugarpuffish) says :

    I don’t used this brand but I do love a good shea butter, it’s brilliant for dry skin 🙂

    • scott says :

      I’ve only used a few L’Occitane products but over the last few months I’ve been trying more and more. I’ve been impressed so far. I’ll be reviewing some more soon 🙂

  2. Beauty Balm says :

    Great review! I love L’Occitane and the foot cream is lush!

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