Counteract Redness with bareMinerals Neutralising Primer

bareMinerals Neutralising Prime Time Review

My skin can often suffer from redness and I’m always interested in trying something that can help combat this and reduce my high coloured skin.  Because there are so many causes of redness it is something that can be hard to treat without using a makeup product such as concealer or foundation to cover over the area.  Being a guy, it is not always appropriate to be using a full coverage concealer and foundation so when I found bareMinerals Neutralising Prime Time primer I was eager to try it.

Neutralising Prime Time is a light yellow lotion and when applied to the skin it helps diffuse the look of redness on the face and like all primers if you want to follow with make up it will prep the skin for application.

When I first used Neutralising Prime Time I applied the product to one side of my face and I could see an instant difference to the redness, but it still looked my skin and did not look like I was wearing any makeup.  The yellow colour of this primer helped reduce redness in a subtle and natural way.

The benefit of Neutralising Prime Time for me is it is not a ‘makeup’ and does not leave the skin looking like you have put heavy foundation or concealer on but gives me the confidence of knowing that the redness in the skin has been diffused.

If you are looking for something light to combat redness this is the perfect product but remember it is a primer and is designed to go under makeup. If you are looking for more coverage you would need to follow with your usual products, however you might find that you maybe need to use a little bit less of them.

Scott’s Secret

bareMinerals recommend one pump of Neutralising Prime Time for all of the face but I find I get better results by going back for a 2nd half pump and applying to it areas that need extra attention such as the nose and the cheeks.

bareMinerals Neutralising Prime Time  30ml  £17  (currently exclusive to QVC in the UK)

  • Do you suffer from redness in the skin?
  • What tips do you have to counteract it?
  • Have you used this primer?
  • Do you use any other primers from bareMinerals?
  • Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.


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4 responses to “Counteract Redness with bareMinerals Neutralising Primer”

  1. gedlondon says :

    Great review Scott. I looked at this online the other day and pondered getting it. I may just give it a go now and see if it works for me. I have used other primers before but nothing that helps with the occasional redness so this one will be perfect for it! 🙂

    • scott says :

      I don’t know another primer that helps with redness either. I’ve been impressed with this so let me know how you get on with it if you try it 🙂

  2. johnrohnanwharff says :

    I used to apply Clinique Protective Base SPF15 when I use to suffer from redness!

    Have you tried this? 🙂

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