The best of the Blogs : January 2013

ipadThere are many good Beauty Blogs that I read each month and sometimes a good post can be missed so I put together a selection of posts from January that caught my eye and I think are worth reading.


I love using masks and I’m always searching for new masks to try, this review of a Sanctuary Spa Mask from Bettina at Beauty Swot caught my eye as I like the 2 step approach.

Andy at Pampered Prince also blogged about 3 masks for a flawless face and gave handy recommendations as when to use them in your routine.


Everyone knows to exfoliate before using a mask but Sarah from Sugarpuffish wrote about the environmental impact of the ingredients in some scrubs.


I love using oils on my skin and have used a facial oil as a serum under a moisturiser for a number of years now. This review from Alice at BrightownGirl looks at a range of facial oils.


Being a Philosophy fan I enjoyed this review of the Philosophy Pampering foot set from Sandra at Beauty Balm.


This informative interview from Thom at Manface is with Creme de la Mer Skincare Ambassador, Sarantis Tsimilimis and is a nice insight into this luxury brand.


We can always learn from the mistakes others make and Grace from All That Slap looks at skincare lessons she learned the hard way.


We all know we lose collagen with age and that what we eat is as important as what we put on our skin. I’ve had my eye on Collagen Shots for a while now and this Collagen Shots review from Jess at Spoiltface tells you everything you need to know.

This is just a small selection of what I’ve read this month and I know there are some good bloggers that I’ve forgotten to include in the list. So now it is your turn…

  • Have you read any good posts this month that you think should be on the list?
  • Have you posted anything good that you think deserves a mention?
  • Please add links and comments below.

About scott

Male beauty blogger @ Scott's Beauty & Grooming Blog. I like chatting about beauty, grooming and life. Say hi :)

12 responses to “The best of the Blogs : January 2013”

  1. Beauty Balm says :

    Thanks very much for the mention! A interesting post x

  2. gedlondon says :

    Great post Scott! 🙂

  3. sugarpuffish says :

    Thanks very much for the mention. I have also learnt this week that the impact of glitter in products is just as damaging. All those sparkles in bath bombs are not eco friendly 😦

  4. Andy says :

    Thanks for mentioning me in your post Scott, I really appreciate it 🙂

  5. alice says :

    Thank you so much for the mention. 🙂 i’m to read the posts i haven’t seen. its such a great to find new blogs as well as sharing the love. xx

  6. Grace - allthatslap (@allthatslap) says :

    Hi Scott, thanks so much for my mention – its really nice of you! So glad you liked the post. Cant believe January is over now! 🙂

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