Samples: January 2013

I end up with so many sample sizes of products and being a bit of a beauty junkie I always like to try them out so I don’t miss out on a new grooming must have. Here are the samples I’m using this month.

Samples January 2013L’Occitane Precious Cream – I have been using L’Occitane bath and body products for years but this is the 1st face product I’ve ever tried. It is a rich moisturising cream that smells nice and I’ve been impressed with this sample.

Benefit That Gal – Being a guy I was a bit unsure about trying this primer as it has a slight pink tint to it but the pink is very subtle so it will just give the skin a slight lift rather than a pink shimmer.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser Dry/ Sensitive – This is a rich cream that is a little too heavy for me to use during the day. I read in the Beauty Bible that it works well as a neck cream so I’ve been using it on my neck at night.

Nude Pro Genius Treatment Oil – A woody scented face oil with omega 3,6,7 & 9 that I use at night before moisturising. It added extra moisture to my skin and smelled lovely.

Acqua di Parma Cologne – This fragrance is a true classic and will leave you smelling citrusy and fresh.

Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner – I’ve been using this at night during this cold spell to add extra hydration.

Have you used any of these products?
Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.


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8 responses to “Samples: January 2013”

  1. Natasha Devan says :

    I love Benefit’s that gal – gives cheeks a really nice shine. I really need to buy that Ginseng Elemis toner – I love Elemis!

    • scott says :

      The toner is so soothing and cooling on the skin, I’m glad I’ve had this to use during this cold spell. What Elemis products do you like?

  2. Sophia says :

    Even though its a men’s fragrance I adore Acqua di Parma cologne, your so right a true classic fragrance, and so chic!

  3. alice says :

    Ive been trying a sample of the ginseng toner & love it but i usually love all things elemis. i really want to try the nude oil. x

    • scott says :

      I’m a bit of an Elemis boy! Lol I’ve been really impressed with the toner. I know toning is something that a lot of people skip but this once is worth the effort 🙂 x

  4. Phil says :

    I have the AdP fragrance myself, a real classic for guys.. especially when combined with a suit as I often feel this needs.
    Currently using up a jar of the L’Occitane precious cream myself, it’s a wonderful thick moisturizer and I do notice the firming actions through deep hydration.

    • scott says :

      I was extremely impressed with the L’Occitane cream, the sample was too small to notice any firming in the time I used it but I was impressed with the moisture, texture and smell. I would buy the full size in the future.

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