7 Question to ask yourself before buying your next moisturiser

moisturiserMoisturisers are the holly grail of the beauty industry, and every year hundreds of brands launch new lotions, anti ageing moisturisers and night creams. Asking yourself these 7 questions will help you chose the best cream for your skin type so you avoid a bathroom full of jars and tubes you never use.

1. What texture do I like? Think about how your skin feels at the time you are buying the moisturiser. In the winter my skin is often dryer so can handle something richer but in the summer I prefer go for something light with a lotion texture. The wrong texture of moisturiser will leave skin out of balance.

2. Is it going under makeup? The nourishing cream you use at night might not be the best base for makeup. A richer cream at night is beneficial for dryer skins but during the day something lighter and matte will work better under makeup.

3. Do I want a multitasker? Many of the ‘miracle’ creams such as Crème de la Mer and Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream are formulated to be used day, night, on the neck and around the eyes as well as the rest of the face. If you want to use your cream all over morning and night remember that a lot of day creams have an SPF which is a wasted ingredient when used at night. Most creams can be too rich for the eye area and will cause puffing and other issues with prolonged use.

moisturiser4. How much do I want to pay? It is easy to get sucked into paying more that you planned for a cream when it is on offer or has a gift with purchase. But considering you might fall in love with that cream and don’t want to go back to your regular moisturiser, will you be happy to pay the full price every 3 months? If not, try looking for something that you will be happy paying for regularly.

5. Can I get a sample before I buy? Rubbing a moisturiser on the back of your hand in a department store is fine but that does not substitute the real experience of using a moisturiser on your face, on top of your existing serums and underneath your makeup. If you are tempted to buy a new cream ask if there is a sample you can try or ask if they are happy for you to return the jar if you don’t like it.

6. What is in the jar? Brands like to boast about the ‘natural’ ingredients in products and some brands often appear more natural than they really are. If you want to avoid certain ingredients in your moisturiser be prepared to ask sales staff questions or better yet look at the label yourself.

7. Do I want anti ageing? Much is made of anti ageing in moisturisers and there must be 100’s launched every year with new formulas promising to turn back the hands of time. I have to be the 1st to admit that I do use some of the famous anti agers but they are not for everyone. Picking a good moisturiser that will comfort your skin and give you the results you need is more important than any ‘ground breaking anti aging break though ingredient’ (as much as we love them)!

This is a list of questions that help me when choosing a new moisturiser but I’m sure there are more.

  • Can you think of any questions to add to the list?
  • Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.


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5 responses to “7 Question to ask yourself before buying your next moisturiser”

  1. Thom Watson – Manface says :

    Great article but you’ve got another question you’d need to ask here too – “What skin concern am I looking to treat?”

  2. Must Have Boxes says :

    Great post! I’ve used so many types of moisturizers in my life.

    – KW

  3. holisticgreenbeauty says :

    What a good article Scotty 🙂

    Another question I ask myself when looking for a moisturiser is ‘Does it contain any ingredients that are going to irritate my skin such as alcohol?’

    And along with anti ageing another question I ask myself is ‘Does it contain cell communicating ingredients and skin repairing ingredients?’

    Danny x x

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