Decleor Systeme Corps Moisturising Body Milk Review

Decleor System Corps

Decleor Systeme Corps

On Sunday I saw that QVC were selling a duo of the Decleor Systeme Corps body moisturiser and as I had just ran out of my last bottle I thought I’d treat myself to the duo and review the product for anyone that has not tried it yet.

Systeme Corps body moisturiser is a true beauty hall of fame product and one of the signature products from the Decleor body range. Packed with moisturising ingredients including coconut oil and meadowfoam oil Decleor promise this product will create a comforting and protective layer of moisture on the body as well as firming and softening the skin.

Decleor System Corps

Texture of Systeme Corps

The texture of Systeme Corps is slightly richer than a ‘milk’ but it is still very light weight and has a consistency that all most feels like a serum when applied to the body.

I can’t stand any cream that feels sticky on the skin and I can be a bit lazy at moisturising my body, which can leave it dry especially when I’m swimming 3 times a week. I need to find a cream that is effective enough to moisturise my skin (without needing to be used every day) while being light weight. Systeme Corps is the only product that I’ve used that is both moisturising and light. I don’t feel sticky or tacky after using it and the cream is so moisturising that when I shower the next morning I can still feel the the layer of hydration that has been left on the skin, but my skin is not dry or tight after showering and I never feel like I need to slather the product on again as I would with some other body moisturisers.

Decleor System Corps

Decleor Systeme Corps Duo

To be honest I have been using Systeme Corps for a long long time and can recommend it to anyone because it is hard working but easy to use. I don’t suffer from slack skin but it is nice to know that the product is firming with is a bonus to the moisturising.

Scott’s Secret

I usually pick up the special 400 ml size of Systeme Corps that Decleor do during the winter and summer sales as that size is great value and will last me at least 6 months.

  • Do you use Systeme Corps?
  • Are there other Decleor body products that you like to use?
  • Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think

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