Yankee Candle Spring 2013 Review

After receiving nice clear T-light holders for a Christmas present I was on the hunt to find some coloured T-lights to go in them. Last week I saw QVC were selling a set of the new Yankee Candle Spring fragrance sets that included coloured T-lights and being a bit of a candle junkie I could not resist sampling the new spring scents.

Yankee Candle Spring 2013

Yankee Candle Spring 2013

If you are new to Yankee Candles most of their candles are an ‘experience’ rather than a traditional pefrume, for example they have fragrances such as Happy Christmas to evoke memories of festive days, and Blissful Autumn to create an autumn walk in your home.

To be honest I do prefer the more spicy fragrances that you find in the Christmas range or floral aromas that are popular in summer months so the fresh and fruity candles in this set were a bit of a change for me.

Wikiki Melon
This is a tropical fruit salad fragrance that is almost like sipping a cocktail on a Miami Beach. The bright colour adds a touch of sunshine and the aroma has a fresh finish so it is not too fruity.

Turquoise Sky
The calming blue colour of this candle will add a bit summer sea and sky to the cold winter months. The fresh sent has a sweetness to it that almost feels like laying on a beautiful beach on hot day.

Black Coconut
This smells like an expensive suntan lotion. The black colour of the candle adds a sense of sophistication and the sent is exotic enough to evoke memories of massaging sun lotion onto hot tanned skin.

Yankee Candle Spring 2013

T-lights in my holders

The candles work together to add a bit of glamorous beach to your home. The fragrances are a bit fresher and fruity compared to what I usually enjoy but the colours are perfect for my clear holders and they will add a bit exotic sun to the grey winter months.

QVC sold this set on auto-delivery so every 3 months they will be sending me 3 new fragrances so look out for reviews of the other candles soon.

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2 responses to “Yankee Candle Spring 2013 Review”

  1. Top Hat & Bow Tie (@tophatbowtie) says :

    The Turquoise Sky candle sounds amazing. I love that fresh beach air scent.

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