Crème De La Mer – The Mist Review

The Crème de la Mer cream gets a lot of attention and divides many people, some who can’t live without it and others who think the product does not match the price tag. I will be reviewing the cream soon but today I thought I’d look at another product in the range.

Simply called The Mist this is a spray on toner that is designed to hydrate dry skin, sooth skin that is out of sorts and give energy to dull completions. Men will also be pleased to know that it helps heal and repair skin after shaving.

Crème De La Mer The Mist

Crème De La Mer The Mist

I have been using this product for the last year and was attracted to it for the reviving benefits for tired looking skin. I like that the product is a mist so it is quicker to use than a traditional toner that is applied with cotton wool. The product comes out of the pump in a very fine sprits so it does not leave the skin feeling too wet and you don’t waste too much product when applying it. I’ve used some spray toners in the passed that have been let down by the poor packaging!

As I use another toner as part of my regular skincare routine I tend to used this as a pick me up when my skin is feeling rough or before an event when I want a bit ‘energy’ to my skin.

As this is a toner I don’t feel it gives the same intense brightening effect that you get with serums or beauty flash creams but that is to be expected. I find it works best as a hydrating toner to perk up skin and is soothing on skin that has just been shaved.

The Mist 125ml £50

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One response to “Crème De La Mer – The Mist Review”

  1. Beauty Balm says :

    Great review! I love the Creme de la Mer range. I’ll definitely be adding this to my wishlist!

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