Beating the Winter Skin Blues

The winter always drys my skin out. The last 3 years in particular my skin has suffered from the cold weather outside and central heating inside. To combat this I always make sure I’m prepared to add a few power packed products into my routine to add comfort to my skin.


At night I’ve added the Elemis SOS cream and Liz Earle’s Superskin moisturiser to my routine. Both of these products add protection and moisture to dry and sensitive skin. The SOS cream is also a good skin balancer for any skin that is out of sorts so will tackle redness and any spots too.

Depending on how my skin is feeling I either use the products on alternative nights or I mix them together as a power packed bespoke balancing moisture treat for my skin. I always apply them over a facial oil for the ultimate protection for my skin.

What are your winter skin survival tips?

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